Orion Art Center Exhibitions

Awards of $125 • $75 • $50

Important Dates
Drop Off: August 31st, September 1st, 6th (noon – 6pm), Saturday September 2nd (noon-3 pm)
Orion Art Center 115 S. Anderson St., Lake Orion 48362

Opening Reception: Sept 14 from 6 – 8:30 pm (awards at 6:30 pm)
Reclaim Artwork: November 1st – 4th during normal gallery hours

Rules, Registration & Fees

• This show is exclusive to seniors age 50 and up

• No framework larger than 36″ wide, must be framed and wired for hanging

• Please submit only original content, created within last three years, and not shown at the gallery before

• OAC reserves right to refuse artwork deemed inappropriate or out of consideration for available space

• OAC will take the greatest care of all works, but will be held harmless in the event of loss or damage

• Registration Forms are available at the Orion Art Center Gallery

• Form allows description of each piece, digital/film/collage, price or indicate NFS

• OAC will collect a commission of 30% on all pieces sold during this exhibit

• Entry fees must be received by drop off day and during gallery hours to enter the show

• Pay by check or credit card

• Entry Fee rate: $15 for senior members, $25 for senior non-members

• Entry fee rates include up to three works