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Tuesday Open Pottery Studio

February 23 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Greetings fellow Orion Art Center Potters,
The time has come for us to safely get back to the studio and create some art.  We are so excited to welcome all of you back.  There are some challenges in order for us to return safely to the studio  This protocol is set up for all of us to be as safe and considerate of others as possible. A mask is required at all times.
There are two sessions available for open studio.
We have attached a protocol for you to read and familiarize yourself with before coming to the studio.
The studio will be open starting July 27th.
Covid Protocol for Pottery Studio
Studio Mates-
1- Please call studio leader to make an appointment. Since we must keep traffic to a minimum during this time, we respectfully ask the artists to come alone. Contact information will be sent once payment is received
Tuesday morning   9AM-1PM      Leigh Ann Charpie
2- When you arrive, please wear a mask & stop at door to get your temperature taken. If normal, precede to the sink and wash your hands for 30 seconds.
3- Your studio leader will sign you in & punch your card.
4-It is preferred if you have your own tools to bring them with you each time you visit. If you do not have your own tools you can pick up a basket & put all the tools & stamps you touch today in basket, as you work. Before you leave, put all tools, stamps, and tub in the bleach water for 2-3 minute and set them on a clean, dry towel to dry for 2 minutes. Pick tools up with the towel and place them in the tub. Then place tub on shelf where you found it, using the towel.
5- As you use equipment, like the slab roller & wheels, wipe it down with bleach water, when you are done.
6-Please make sure ONLY YOUR NAME shows when you put your work on shelves, so that others don’t have to open your bag to find their own pieces.
7-Plastic bags- please take out 3-5 new bags(whatever you need) and write your name on them. Keep them with your things in your provided cupboard and use the same bags over and over again. Please don’t reuse the used bags.
8- Wipe, with bleach water, the handle of your cupboard inside and out, when you are done working.
9-When putting your work on firing shelves, set them as close to the kiln as there is room. We don’t want anyone to have to move them to make room for their work.
10-Try not to touch anything you don’t need to. Try to use the same work station each time you come in.
11-Whatever you touch, wipe it clean with bleach water.
There is a cup for disinfected pens, and used ones. If you need a pen, take a disinfected pen, use it, and then place it in used pens cup.
1- The glazes have been sitting, untouched for several months, so you will need you to mix them well and make sure that all the particles are off the bottom and mixed in, so that you will get the correct color.
2- Wipe each jar of glaze, with bleach water, before you place it back on shelf. Put the bottle back on the shelf with the same rag, rather than touching it again.
3- Wash all brush HANDLES (NOT Brush end) with bleach water.
4-Look, but please refrain from touching the color charts or tiles samples on wall.
5-Wipe table with bleach water when your are done.
1- Please wipe with bleach water or wipes, the toilet flusher, inside & outside door by handle, sink faucet & handles, and towel dispenser.
2- Please wipe down anything you have touched.


February 23
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Moose Tree Nature Preserve
3191 W. Clarkston Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362 United States
(248) 693-4986

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