Beau Bacevicius, Lake Orion resident potter, teaches wheel throwing at the Orion Art Center’s Studio. Beau first knew he was a potter, that his hands worked a potter’s wheel with talent and thoughtfulness, when he was a student at Lake Orion High School.  He enjoys completing the pieces he works on the wheel but, most especially, he appreciates the need to focus on his work.  His mind is freed from other thoughts; concentration is necessary and the process itself becomes valuable.Beau is a self-taught potter beyond his high school classes.  He intends that his works are of real quality.  And a couple of other things:  Beau owns the Forrester Car Wash in Lake Orion and he is a supporter of the Orion Art Center providing valuable time and talent to us whether it be in his teaching, volunteering his skills with a hammer and screwdriver or his pick-up truck for delivery of almost anything.